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Want to enhance your skills and knowledge and support women in ante and post natal exercise?  
Our workshops are ideal and there is something here for personal trainers, gym / studio instructors, aqua specialists and midwives.

Aqua Natal*

Learn about safe, effective and fun water based exercise for pre/post natal women in this Aqua Natal workshop. 


You will review key anatomical and physiological changes commonly experienced during and after pregnancy and how they affect exercise. Develop your practical skills for 1-1 and group aqua sessions. 

Module 1 covers pre natal aqua

Module 2 covers post natal aqua, additional choreography and using equipment

Each module is complete in itself but Module 1 is a pre-requisite for Module 2 as it covers the relevant anatomy and physiology for pregnancy and aqua exercise and the properties of water.

Supporting behaviour change in pregnancy
This module looks at how to support pregnant women in making healthy lifestyle behaviour changes in a safe and effective way.
The emphasis is on making small manageable changes to help support a healthy pregnancy and outcome, it is not about making drastic changes or setting unrealistic goals during the pre and post natal periods.

Pregnancy and referral conditions
This workshop looks at the implications of exercise for pregnant women who have a pre-existing, controlled condition or who have been referred for exercise. 
Pre-requisites for instructors  for this workshop are a Level 3 Ante/Post Natal Award and a Level 3 Exercise Referral qualification.  If you do not hold one or both of these you can still attend but will not gain REPs points.  We offer a discount if you want to book the Ante/Post Natal and/or Exercise Referral courses as well.

Pregnancy, mental health & exercise
This module covers the pre-existing or pregnancy related mental health conditions that can occur during and after pregnancy.   
You will learn about symptoms, prevalence, causes and treatments of mental health problems such as ante natal and post natal depression and puerperal psychosis.

Pregnancy, obesity and exercise*
Obesity in pregnancy is increasing and there are additional health concerns to consider when advising on exercise.  
This module covers current research and guidelines for weight gain, diet and exercise for obese women during and after pregnancy and enables you to recommend, plan and deliver, safe and effective activity for these clients.
Post Natal Abdominal Training*

This half day workshop looks at the safest and most effective ways to get the core back to its correct function and shape after pregnancy.


It discusses how pregnancy affects the abdominal muscles and the implications for the post natal period, Diastasis Recti, pelvic floor and pelvic girdle problems.


You will then consider implications and recommendations for exercise for these issues, and then practice teaching exercises from a range of disciplines that will enhance and support post-natal abdominal recovery.

Suitable for all Level 3 Ante and Post Natal qualified instructors, this workshop is accredited by SkillsActive with 4 REPs points and by the Royal College of Midwives for CPD.

Pilates in Pregnancy
This workshop looks at planning and teaching Pilates based exercises in pregnancy and the post natal periods.
Content includes:

* Review of key implications of pregnancy for exercise and Pilates

*  Brief overview of the fundamentals of Pilates 

*  Practical masterclass for 2nd/3rd trimester women

*  Theory and practical session of key exercises for pregnancy and adapting through the trimesters  and the post natal periods

*  Session structure

*  Practical teaching workshop


 Workshop fees


Aqua Natal:  (full day)

£125 N/A

Specialist modules:  Home study



Post natal abdominal training (half day)

£75 Contact us for details
To book a workshop, download a booking form and send to us. Click here for our Terms &Conditions.

*These workshops are accredited by the RCM for CPD. Contact us if you have any questions.
Coming soon:
Specialist modules in:

- Pregnancy and exercise in highly trained women

 - Pregnancy, exercise and the over 35s

 - Pregnancy, cardiac conditions and exercise

 - Pregnancy, disability and exercise