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Specialist Diploma in Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise 

Pregnant women are advised to be active through pregnancy to benefit both physical and mental health and are now frequently seen in fitness clubs and pools throughout the UK.

Instructors need to be aware of the anatomical, physiological and psychological changes that affect exercise during and after pregnancy and should understand the implications for safe participation in exercise.

This unique diploma includes everything from the Level 3 qualification to modules in mental health, obesity and aqua training and is available now.

The Diploma

The full diploma is based on the CYQ Level 3 Award in Adapting Activity for Ante and Post Natal Exercise together with two compulsory modules and two optional modules.



The cost of the full diploma is now £650 which includes all resources, certification and support.


Already got the Level 3 Award?

Instructors who already hold a Level 3 qualification can still access the diploma so contact us if you would like to do this.

You can start at any time and the classroom days will be running in Scotland, East Anglia and the South West in late Summer and Autumn 2014.


For additional information email: or

Additional modules

Compulsory modules: 

Post Natal Abdominal Training*  (4 REPs CPD Points)

Supporting Behaviour Change in Pregnancy


Plus any two of these:
Pregnancy and Mental Health
Pregnancy and Obesity*

Aqua Natal 1*
Aqua Natal 2*  (can only be completed after Aqua Natal 1)

Working with Elite or Highly Trained Pregnant Clients

Pregnancy and Controlled Medical Conditions

Pilates in Pregnancy

* = accredited by the RCM


Coming soon, optional modules in:

* Pregnancy, exercise and the over 35s

* Pregnancy, cardiac conditions and exercise

* Pregnancy, diabetes and exercise