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About Exact:  Sarah and Vicky are experts in specialist fitness and clinical exercise and have over 40 years joint experience.  They founded Exact to provide training and development opportunities that give instructors the knowledge, ability and confidence to do the job professionally and competently in an ever diverse workplace.   Our ethos is learn it today, do it tomorrow.
Sarah Bolitho has been in the industry for over 25 years, working with many types of clients in most disciplines from the gym and aerobics to Pilates, yoga and mindfulness. She has worked with specialist populations for over 15 years.
Her key areas of expertise are exercise referral, mental health, cancer, ante and post natal, diabetes and obesity, disability, older adults, behaviour and lifestyle changes and weight management and she is particularly keen on training in the natural environment and building activity into daily life.


Sarah is a leading Exercise Referral course tutor, assessor and IQA having delivered the qualification for YMCAfit for many years and has trained staff for the Welsh National Exercise Referral Scheme.  She has designed and delivered Level 4 qualifications in Obesity and Diabetes and Mental Health and also holds the Level 4 Back Care and Cancer Rehabilitation qualifications and delivers on the Level 4 course for Can Rehab.  She also works as an EQA for a leading awarding organisation.


A member of the Institute for Learning and the Royal Society of Medicine, Sarah is a regular contributor to Sportex Health magazine, REPs journal, Fitpro and Health Club Management as well as mainstream publications. She is a regular speaker at industry conventions and conferences on mental health and other topics.

Sarah has co-authored several books, Exercise your way to health: Stress; The Complete Guide to Physical Activity and Mental Health; The Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Fitness and The Complete Guide to Behaviour Change.  She co-authored  the Complete Guide to Aqua Exercise for Pregnancy and Post Natal Health (with Vicky) and The Complete Guide to Fitness Facility Management.

Sarah has completed an ILM Level 5 Management and Leadership qualification and is planning training for newly appointed fitness coordinators.


In her spare time Sarah is a keen walker and is learning Welsh - da iawn!  

Vicky Hatch has over 20 years industry experience in all disciplines from aerobics to step and is a leading specialist in all water-based and aqua exercise.

Her key areas of expertise, in addition to aqua, are ante/post natal, older adults, chronic disease and disability, diabetes and cardiac rehab.  


Vicky is the Exercise Rehabilitation specialist on the Cardiac Rehab scheme at the renowned Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. 

Vicky is a keen advocate of water based exercise for these conditions and has developed the Aqua Referral and Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Aqua courses for Exact to enable instructors to work with these populations in the pool. She is currently working on a specific module for aqua with clients with cardiac conditions, Cardiaqua©.


An experienced and innovative tutor, assessor and internal verifier, Vicky has helped to develop many courses and qualifications for a number of training providers and the Royal College of Midwives.


A regular contributor to FitPro magazine, Vicky co-authored the Complete Guide to Aqua Exercise for Pregnancy and Post Natal Health and is a member of the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Instructors ( and the Institute for Learning.


Vicky holds a Masters in Preventative Cardiology and is also developing CPD training in Cardiac Rehab for Level 4 instructors and has advised on participant suitability for a popular television weight loss programme.  

She has just completed her Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates as part of her ongoing development.


Vicky spends much of her spare time walking her boisterous dogs!


Key clients and partners
We work with a diverse range of clients including:

 Welsh National Exercise Referral Scheme 

-  Local Welsh Councils  

-  Derby Council

-  Macmillan Cancer Support

-  Queen Mary UL/Bart's Teaching Hospital

-  South Lanarkshire Leisure

-  North Lanarkshire Leisure

-  Sport Aberdeen

-  Natural England/Walking for Health

-  Age Cymru/LIFT Programme

-  Welsh Government/Agored Cymru

-  Royal College of Midwives

-  Heriot Watt University

-  Basingstoke Sports Trust

-  Glasgow University

-  Midlothian Active Choices

-  Bannatyne's

-  St Andrew's Healthcare



Between us we have written six books! 

  • Exercise your way to Health:  Stress
  • The Complete Guide to Physical Activity and Mental Health
  • The Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Fitness
  • The Complete Guide to Behavioural Change
  • The Complete Guide to Aqua Exercise for Pre/Post Natal Health
  • The Complete Guide to Fitness Facility Management


We have also written several magazine articles including some for REPs Journal, Sportex Health, Fitpro, Red and Woman and Home

 Customer testimonials


-  I've never had so much support on a course

- The tutors make the learning understandable even when it's complicated

- Sarah keeps in touch and is always willing to answer questions

- I thought I wouldn't be able to keep up but they made it easy to follow

- Love the fact they both have so much experience and stories to share!

- This is my second course with Exact and I'd choose them for every course if I could

-  Didn't fall asleep once!

-  Knowledgeable, supportive, organised, fun, great teachers, inspiring...

-  Liked being treated as if I already knew stuff

-  Can't believe how quickly the day went

-  Already putting it into practice

-  Gained confidence and skill and had fun learning

-  Tutors were really approachable

-  More courses please!

-  Not a minute wasted on the course and good fun

-  A client came in the next day and I knew what to do!

-  Found teaching one to one then in groups really good for my confidence

-  Never felt like I was on the spot

-  I have used what I learned every day

-  Ab training should be the first course we do as instructors!

-  Like the fact they are there for support after the course

-  Like having the sample class in the manual so I can teach the next day 

-  So much more confident now

-  This is my second course with Exact and I will always choose them first

-  Had so much fun while learning

-  The tutors have a way of explaining things so they make sense